We believe access to clean water is a human right. However, in Grand-Bois many people live without it. There is no indoor plumbing, no municipal water supply, and no electricity to pump water.  Water is sourced from lakes and creeks that are also used for bathing and that go from dry to raging rivers depending upon rainfall.

Well Drilling

ServeHAITI drills wells to reduce the distance individuals in Grand-Bois must travel to locate sources of water. The first well brought clean drinking water to the Health Center in 2008. Approximately 1,000 people visit this well every day to gather water! To date, 6 wells have been established in the region.

Although these wells serve many families in Grand-Bois, there are still many areas that lack clean water. The biggest challenge ServeHAITI faces is getting drilling rigs to the regions that need it most. The road through Grand-Bois is narrow, treacherous, and sometimes completely obstructed by boulders. If we can make the necessary repairs to the road, we hope to complete many more proposed wells.

Well Drilling Map

Gift of Water Filtration Systems

Access to clean water means more lives are saved, healthcare costs are reduced, and less families are impoverished.

Families not living near an established well collect water in buckets from streams, lakes, springs or cisterns – water that’s often contaminated and germ-laden. To help change lives, ServeHAITI sponsors a point-of-use water filtration program under the direction of Gift of Water. Gift of Water provides bucket-based water filtration systems and trains technicians who monitor water quality and proper operation of the units.

ServeHAITI employs 17 local water technicians to monitor the day-to-day success of the program and to maintain the filtration systems

Over 5,400 Gift of Water buckets have been distributed to date, providing safe drinking water to an estimated 45,000 individuals.