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ServeHAITI is a non-profit organization working to foster health and development opportunities for the people of Grand-Bois, Haiti.

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Our Initiatives

Economic Development
    • St. Vincent de Paul Health Center
    • Medika Mamba Program
    • Commmunity Health Workers
    • Mother-Baby Program
Lack of a quality health care infrastructure contributes to Haiti’s generally poor health status. With the majority of Haitians residing in rural areas like Grand-Bois, most don’t have access to even the most basic health services. With your help, ServeHAITI has established several programs to improve the health of the community. Learn more about ServeHAITI’s efforts to improve health care in Haiti
    • Well Drilling
    • Gift of Water Filtration Systems
We believe access to clean water is a human right. However, in Grand-Bois many people live without it. There is no indoor plumbing, no municipal water supply, and no electricity to pump water. ServeHAITI drills wells and distributes Gift of Water Filtration Systems to give residents access to clean drinking water. Learn more about ServeHAITI’s efforts to improve clean water access in Haiti
    • Teacher Training Program
    • Restore our Schools Program
Education is the single greatest weapon against poverty. In order to improve the quality of education for the Grand-Bois community, ServeHAITI began the Teacher Training Program in 2010 and our Restore Our Schools Program in 2013. Learn more about ServeHAITI’s efforts to improve education in Haiti
Economic Development
    • Entrepreneur Training
    • Microfinance & Tailored-Lending
Through ServeHAITI’s Economic Development Committee (SHecon), we are working to improve economic outcomes in Grand-Bois, Haiti. Our objective is to provide training and allocate resources in a manner that increases farm productivity, reduces the costs of living, and creates private sector enterprise and job growth. Learn more about ServeHAITI’s efforts to improve the economy in Haiti

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ServeHAITI is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible.