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As is the case for most of Haiti’s population, agriculture is the sole source of revenue for the vast majority of people living in Grand-Bois. Field crops, primarily edible beans and corn, are grown in the most fertile parts of the region. Farmers also produce a variety of other crops and raise livestock to diversify revenue sources.

Despite agriculture being the primary economic sector for most of the country, Haiti still struggles to make enough food for its people. The country’s location within the Caribbean makes it vulnerable to hurricanes and tropical storms which can damage crops, the lack of passable roads between urban and rural areas can make it difficult for farmers to get their goods to market, and limited access to capital restricts business growth. In our quest to raise the quality of life in Gran-Bois, ServeHAITI looks for projects that address some of these underlying conditions and support sustainable, community-wide economic success. We are working with communities to improve agricultural productivity, progress animal husbandry, and encourage community collaboration.

Total Loan Funding

Coffee Trees Planted

“Men anpil chay pa lou.”

Many hands make the load lighter.
– Haitian Proverb

Entrepreneur Training

The people of Grand-Bois are resilient and they take great pride in being able to provide for themselves, their families and their community. In 2012, ServeHAITI launched its Entrepreneur Training Program to support emerging and existing business owners in Grand-Bois.

Participants in the program learn how to develop business plans, source assets required for their business, and improve production and quality assurance. In addition to these valuable skills, the program also teaches business owners the value of reinvesting in their community by sourcing and hiring locally whenever possible. In this way, they can play a pivotal role in creating an economically stable and viable Grand-Bois with opportunities for all.

January 2018 Entrepreneur Training Graduates >

Microfinance &


With limited access to capital, it is difficult for businesses in Grand-Bois to invest in growth. Since 2013, ServeHAITI’s Economic Development Committee (SHecon) has worked to connect business owners with financing that allows them to expand their business and provide financial stability during periods of uncertainty.

ServeHAITI has granted a total of 23 loans ranging in size from $350 – $3,700. These loans have supported 4 local bakeries, a goat farm, an agricultural supply and equipment store, as well as individual bean resellers. SHecon manages these loans each year, while continuing to assist business owners with technical and managerial support.

< SHecon loan recipient, Cecile, at her bakery

Coffee Trees Planted

Types of Businesses:

Bean Resellers, Bakeries, Electronic and Solar Panel Sales, General Store, Raising Goats, and Agricultural Supply Stores

Emergency Financial Support

Life in Haiti is often met with unexpected circumstances and when emergencies happen, ServeHAITI is there to offer relief.

During the summer of 2015, the Dominican Republic (DR) began deporting thousands of ethnic Haitains who had been stripped of their citizenship to the Dominican Republic, despite being born there. Grand-Bois saw an influx of refugees with no home, no belongings, and no income.

ServeHAITI’s Economic Development Committee (SHecon) supported many of these individuals and families with financial assistance to get them back on their feet. Situations like this and other crises have warranted immediate response from ServeHAITI, and we will continue to assist in emergency situations when appropriate.

You can help build a thriving economy in Grand-Bois today

How You Can Help

Like so many women in Haiti, Cecile Louis-Juste struggled to find financial support to start her bakery. With the help of a small loan from SHecon, her business is growing rapidly and she has customers as far away as the Dominican Republic. Cecile is reinvesting in her community by teaching other women how to bake so they too can support their families. You can be part of the community that supports Cecile and many other business owners like her in Grand-Bois. A small donation of $50 can help ServeHAITI empower community businesses with the tools they need to thrive.

No matter where you are in the world, you can help make Grand-Bois a thriving, sustainable and healthy community. Please stand in solidarity with us today!

ServeHAITI is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible.