The Community

Grand-Bois, Haiti


ServeHAITI and the people of Grand-Bois have forged a relationship and are making great strides in a remote region of the country that has been all but forgotten.

Grand-Bois, Haiti is located in the Département de l’Ouest, the center of which is about 40 miles (77 kilometers) east of Port-Au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. A single, unpaved road bisects the region, which measures approximately 200 square miles (450 square kilometers) and is bordered to the south by Lake Étang Saumâtre and to the east by the Dominican Republic. Residential areas cluster around sources of water, which include small ponds, lakes, and a stream that is dry for a portion of the year.

There is little to no electricity, postal service, internet access, or telephone, television or radio signal. Based on 2012 census data from the Haitian Institute of Statistics and Informatics (HISI), as well as estimated population growth and a recent influx of refugees from the Dominican Republic, the population of Grand-Bois is estimated at 65,000 residents. Grand-Bois is one of the poorest rural regions in the country.